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Decor Tips

DIY: Make a shabby chic Chritmas tree:
DIY: Make a shabby chic Chritmas tree
Want to do something slightly different with your Christmas decorations this year? Why not try make your own with our simple step by step guide!
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DIY: Make your own Terrarium:
DIY: Make your own Terrarium
The best way to bring the outdoors inside is with a Terrarium, a little piece of nature in a glass container.
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A Heritage Day celebration :
A Heritage Day celebration
Beautiful patterned table runners and soft buckets from Skinny LaMinx, and gorgeous beaded animals and pots from StreetWires.
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DIY: Hanging Herb Garden:
DIY: Hanging Herb Garden
This is ideal for people living in small flats or apartments where garden space is limited. Keen cooks and foodies will love it as well.
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DIY: Succulent Frame:
DIY: Succulent Frame
This ‘living art’ is so simple to make, yet makes such a bold statement.
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Creating a stylish office space:
Creating a stylish office space
See how set stylist, Matanna Katz, created a minimalistic, sophisticated and creative office space for our shoot with ELLE magazine editor, Jackie Burger.
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DIY: Christmas Table Decor:
DIY: Christmas Table Decor
We’ve teamed up with caterer extraordinaire and good friend Vicky Crease to bring you the can’t-fail, how-to guide for Christmas table decorating.
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DIY: Reclaimed timber cupboard:
DIY: Reclaimed timber cupboard
Maximise your living space by turning an open counter into a recycled cupboard worthy of hiding all your treasures.
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DIY: Kids Outdoor Swing:
DIY: Kids Outdoor Swing
Give the kids some outdoor entertainment which will last both them and you for many a year.
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DIY: Permaculture Veggie Tower:
DIY: Permaculture Veggie Tower
Top Billing's Janez gets back to his DIY roots to show us a novel way to grow your own veggies at home and get your children involved in the process.
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DIY: Boxed Gas Fireplace:
DIY: Boxed Gas Fireplace
Put Frosty on the back burner this winter
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DIY: Gas Fireplace:
DIY: Gas Fireplace
A flue-less gas fireplace can be installed in a day and provides plenty of warmth for those chilly winter nights
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DIY: Screen:
DIY: Screen
Top Billing presenter and designer, Aidan Bennetts, shares his design for a stylish fold-away screen
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DIY Storage Ideas:
DIY Storage Ideas
No space under your bed to stash your bits and bobs? No problem – just make some! Jeannie cleverly created this storage space inside our old mattress base
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DIY: French-inspired side table:
DIY: French-inspired side table
How to make an elegant, French-inspired side table.
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Painted Wall Frames :
Painted Wall Frames
To create a signature art wall, take inspiration from our featured house and paint a frame directly onto your wall
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Pendant Lights:
Pendant Lights
Here's a thought, as bedside storage is always a problem, suspend pendant lights on either side of your bed instead of table lamps.
More on Pendant Lights
Trade Shows:
Trade Shows
Good design, especially in interiors, doesn't just happen like anything, you need to have a plan of action, and step 1 is knowing exactly what your space needs.
More on Trade Shows
Interior Schemes:
Interior Schemes
A good interior scheme is easy to achieve when you've got a fortune to throw at it, for the rest of us, it comes down to understanding what your living space...
More on Interior Schemes
Creating Sophisticated Living Rooms:
Creating Sophisticated Living Rooms
Layer pattern, textured plains and stripes for sophisticated living rooms. Using plains as your upholstery base on sofas, accentuate with pattern ...
More on Creating Sophisticated Living Rooms
He who sustains :
He who sustains
Editor of Green Home magazine and CEO of alive2green, a media company promoting sustainability through design, Gordon Brown illuminates the colour of building's
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Five inspiring decor themes:
Five inspiring decor themes
Set Stylist, Matanna Katz, shares 5 great decor themes for you to draw inspiration from.
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