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Diary of a Fashionista

Dairy of Fashionista


The Final Count Down
There comes a time in everyone's life where the horizon seems that bit more alluring; where we question what's in the distance and what the future shall bring. I'm having one of those moments; and after much thought, consideration, sleepless nights, and flipping through ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ (where I always find solace) ... I've decided to move on and experience something new. Shock, Gasp...  Yes. I am writing to all my Top Billing fashionistas for the last time. Over the past two and a half years; there have been many memorable moments - those that shall stick with me, are those shared with all my new friends, (There's nothing like 'divas and drama' to cement a relationship...) We started as strangers, awkwardly buzzing around one another in the hive which is Top Billing HQ; trying to keep our heads down and not get stung. Now I can say it was an honor to serve with them on the 'front lines of glamour', and it was all those shared experiences that have made me who I am today. 
So now I bid you farewell …

My top fashion tips to count down a new year of style

10. Never underestimate the power of an iron (or steamer).

No matter how wonderful the cut, or prestigious the designer – a crumpled dress, or a creased shirt, works against  your appearance. Your over all look should be one that shows some level of effort; even if you’re in a t-shirt and jeans, a crisp clean t-shirt says “casual”, whereas a creased discoloured tee just says “scruffy”.

9. Don’t over accessorize.

I know people say that all the time; but this tip is a rule. Especially loud jangling or “bling” accessories - less is more folks. Pick your statement piece for the day and wear it proudly; you’ll find you get far more complements for those chandelier earrings when there isn’t a necklace also competing for attention.  

8. Lycra (the stretchy stuff) is for swimwear, fitness wear and giving jeans their stretch.
Unless you are a dancer of some kind, please acknowledge this. No, that skin tight Lycra dress is not appropriate for the office/girls lunch/going to buy milk…Ever. It’s just a fire hazard. (If you are a man with a Lycra infused product in your closet: dispose of it immediately, and never confess to any knowledge of it)

7. Don’t wear white socks with black shoes.
Michael Jackson was a musical legend, so he could get away with it…you can’t.

6. Leave something to the imagination.

Guys; don’t leave your shirts unbuttoned down to your navel or wear sleeveless vests into bars. And ladies; remember the rule: everything in proportion. If you’re wearing a low neck line, make sure your hem line is decent; if you’re daring to wear a mini skirt, make sure your cleavage is covered. A dress with a super low back but a high front is demure yet sexy; a low back and front, is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.

5. Experiment with fashion before you turn 25; get it all out of your system.

You’ll never know what works on you, until you try it – vintage dresses, faux-fur jackets, sporty neon tee’s, star print skirts, thigh high boots, leather pants… You can only get away with this kind of unashamed, eclectic fashion while you’re young, so you might as well be adventurous and explore your sense of style.

4. Approaching your 30s, start to invest in key wardrobe pieces.

The leather bag, the little black dress, the tailored trench and the perfect pumps; these are what will hold your wardrobe together for years to come, regardless of passing trends. So make sure they last, by selecting high quality pieces which won’t let you down. An investment piece’s value should be calculated per wear; if you are going to enjoy an item for years to come, it’s worth the price tag divided up over this time.

3. Age with dignity.

This is the same advice for a 30 year old or a 70 year old. Look in the mirror, and ask yourself honestly: Am I making the best of myself right now. What worked for you 5 years ago may not be doing you any favours now. My advice is to pick a celebrity ‘style icon’ the same age, complexion and body type as you (someone who is applauded for their style) and follow their lead; celebrities pay a fortune for stylists to keep them looking good, so you might as well pick up some free tips.

2. Wear what you feel confident in.
If you’re a “flats” kind of girl, don’t strain yourself trying to keep up appearances in heels. If you feel better in trousers than a skirt, own that ‘masculine-chic’ look. Confidence is a powerful tool of attraction; so whatever you wear needs to make you feel utterly fantastic, no compromises.

1. You don’t need to follow every trend.

Not all trends suit everybody – for example 20s inspired dresses won’t suit all figures; and the colour Red doesn’t suit all complexions. Only follow ‘trends’ that fit in with your personal style, and that you can make your own; if you absolutely love a certain trend but can’t ‘wear’ it, rather opt for a more subtle accessory – like a Red purse paired with a black dress. Fashion should make dressing up fun, don’t let it be the fate of your reputation.

Farewell fashionistas!
Live with style



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