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Khanya: My Top Billing Dream

My Top Billing Dream Reality Show contestant Khanya

If you're a non-conformist at heart and love questioning conventional society and thought, you'll get on with our off-beat beauty, Khanya Ngumbela.

Before pursuing a modelling and presenting career, Khanya had dreams of studying medicine or journalism – the former so she could help people and the latter so that she could expose the truth to the public. Now she has the opportunity to do both, while competing to be the next Top Billing presenter.

She came into the competition with the feeling that she had a distinct advantage, having been a former Zoopy presenter, but soon found out that was not the case.

“I've learnt so much, especially that there are all different types of presenting,” says Khanya. “Zoopy was very scripted. With this competition my creativity gets taken into account. It definitely tests you in a way that you can't prepare for. So far I am loving it – I'm hungry to learn and grow.”

Khanya says it’s her positive, energetic, determined, passionate self that will give her the edge in the competition. Will Khanya's beauty, refreshing confidence and character win you over?

Khanya's profile


Unseen footage


Khanya's Fashion Show experience:


Sneak-Peek for Week 4:



Week 3 Judge's comments:



Khanya's Celebrity Interview insert:


Sneak-Peek for Week 3:


 Khanya's travel insert: 



Khanya's link and judges comments for Task 2:


contestant quotes

Khanya says:

Week 1:
On her makeover experience:

“It was much-needed if anything, but I was embarrassed that people got to see me in my raw state.”

On the clothing challenge:
“I'm a shopaholic, but I also learnt a lot, especially when it comes to what to wear and what not to wear..”

On the mock elimination:
“It was horrible! It made the competition real and was definitely the most difficult moment of the week, especially since we had been pampered all week. What I took away from the experience is that you've got to trust that what is happening is happening for a reason.”

Week 2:
On the Knysna task:

“It was my first time in Knysna. I was in such shock from being in the bottom three from last week and so close to going home that I had to pull myself together and say 'You want this, you don't want to go home'. I had an incredible time after that, when I went paragliding. I learnt that as a presenter you have to be in the moment and that's the only way.”

Week 3:
On the interview challenge:
"The experience jolted me and gave me a taste of what presenting would be like.  Sometimes I forget it's a competition and that it's not always going to be easy."

On her interviewee Kgomotso Christopher:
"She was absolutely wonderful and totally stuck to what the crew told her to do, which was to be a diva and be unresponsive to my questions.  I learnt that although I need to make my interviewee feel comfortable, I need to also get the job done."

On the toughest moment of the challenge:
"There was a moment during the interview when I realised that I was completely by myself.  The crew were not saying anything; I felt abandoned and I had two seconds to think about it, before I had to step out completely and take the reigns.  The experience has made me more prepared for future celebrity interviews; I know a little of what to expect, not to mention that not all interviews will be smooth and that you need to expect that."

Week 4
On the fashion show:
"I absolutely loved it. It gave us the chance to bridge the gap between ourselves and the audience.  My favourite part was coming out on stage and the audience asking us questions.  Also at the end of the show, when the show had ended, we got to speak one-on-one with some of the audience members."

On the elimination:
"I half expected it, because of the one-on-one with the judges.  Basically I had my foot out the door, so I was prepared and expecting it; it wasn't nerve-wrecking."

On leaving the show:
"The competition definitely wasn't what I expected.  It's challenging to be a presenter and it can be emotional. It was a definite learning curve. My favourite part was getting to know the other contestants. When the camera's were off we would have late-night coffee in each other's rooms and have breakfast together in the mornings.  There was a great comraderie.  From the whole presenter search experience, I've grown a thicker skin and learnt that it's ok to be myself and that not everyone will like me.  You can't try and guess what people want from you or what they want you to be."


Behind the scenes photographs

Behind the scenes on Khanya's make-over:

Behind the scenes on Khanya's makeover



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