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Lynelle: My Top Billing Dream

My Top Billing Dream Reality Show contestant Lynelle

Capetonian Lynelle Kenned is bursting to the brim with talent. As a trained opera singer, she poses the threat of hard work and dedication, not to mention the versatility card she says she has up her sleeve.

“I come from humble beginnings, and the fact that so many people can relate to that makes me more accessible to a wider audience. It gives such purpose to your life to know that what you do makes an impact, and that you are able to inspire others to follow their dreams too.

My inspiration has always been my mother. She’s been battling a severely aggressive form of cancer for the last eight years, despite being told she had three months left to live in 2004. Her faith and love of life has given me the motivation to live the fullest life possible, meeting any adversity with dignity and strength.”

Lynelle has always had a love for music and it was this passion that motivated her to enrol at the UCT Opera School in 2007. Since then she has not looked back, taking her music career to new heights when she was chosen as one of five opera divas that make up the South African Sopranos, launched in May 2012.
I love opera because it’s a skill that you hone. I have so much respect for anyone who practices the art form; the discipline that is required is admirable.”

Lynelle has everything to gain with this opportunity. Will her determined spirit and out-of-the-box thinking stand her in good stead to reach the end?

Lynelle's PROFILE



Unseen footage


Sneak-Peek for Week 5:


Lynelle's Fashion Show experience:


Sneak-Peek for Week 4: 



Week 3 Judge's comments:



Lynelle's Celebrity Interview insert:


Sneak-Peek for Week 3:



Lynelle's travel insert: 


Lynelle's link and judges comments for Task 2:


contestant quotes

Lynelle says: 

Week 1:
On her makeover experience:

“They transformed us all from ugly ducklings into beautiful swans and everyone looked like they could be the next Top Billing presenter. It was a great experience; they let me keep what I have, but also gave me something new, to make it pop.”

On the mock elimination:
“One of the most nerve-wracking experiences of my life. Never before has my heart been so high in my throat. Once it was over, I think everyone just gave a collective sigh of relief. But it's just one of those things; you've got to take the bad with the good. The elimination round made the entire competition real.”

Week 2:
On the Knysna task:

“What an incredible experience. To do all these interesting, local things was really an eye-opener. It just goes to show that you can't discount small towns and that they have nothing to offer. There is so much to do in Knysna, it's incredible. I don't think any of us would've thought it.”

On her travel insert (Knysna):
“I learnt so much and I got to spend some time in the kitchen, which I loved. I didn't realise that making bread was such an art.”

Week 3:
On the celebrity interview task:
"It was such a wonderful opportunity, getting to interview real South African celebrities that actually work in this industry.  It was definitely an enlightening experience."

On the toughest parts of the interview:
"The toughest part was probably that the interview setting was impromptu and I was the only one who was told to do a walking interview.  I wore high heels and I had to walk on the cobblestones.  I learnt you definitely need to know your environment. You've got to roll with the punches and you have to be spontaneous, think on your feet."

Week 4:
On the fashion show:
"The best part for me was definitely getting back into my element and getting to perform for everybody.  I'd never thought I'd ever do anything like a fashion show, but it was fun to be outside my comfort zone and it can be a wonderfully memorable experience, exhilarating and exciting."

Week 5:
On the adventure challenge:
"I got the Zip Zap Circus and it was absolutely insane to do the trapeze and to be so high up.  It is definitely something that I would want to do again.  From the experience, I've learnt not to be chicken on camera.  You only get one shot, so you've got to get over your nerves and just go for it."

Behind the scenes photographs

Behind the scenes on Lynelle's make-over:

Behind the scenes on Lynelle's makeover



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